ServiceNow Consulting Vendor Comparison: Compare ServiceNow Consulting Vendors

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  • Deloitte is a leading ServiceNow consulting vendor that offers technology-based transformations, with a strategy and business case. They have a track record of on-target implementations, extensive experience with IT and business processes, tools and technologies and prioritize measuring investments and quantifying value. Deloitte provides insights into the common challenges associated with advisory, implementation, and managed services with ServiceNow. They can help businesses set and achieve targets along their ServiceNow journey. Deloitte offers cross-industry experience, the right team, necessary tools, global service, and a strategy-first approach. For more information, visit
  • When comparing ServiceNow with Software AG, it is important to consider the specific needs of the organization and how each software aligns with those needs. ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service provider of enterprise Service Management software that specializes in delivering ITSM applications, competes with BMC, Computer Associates, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard and provides a platform for forms-based workflow application development, competes with SaaS/PaaS providers such as’s offering. Software AG is an enterprise software company with over 10,000 enterprise customers in over 70 countries and is the second-largest software vendor in Germany, the seventh largest in Europe. Software AG is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol SOW and part of the technology index TecDAX. It was founded in 1969 by a group of six young employees at the consulting firm AIV. Software AG launched ADABAS in 1971 as a high-performance transactional database management system, launched Natural, a 4GL application development language, in 1979, and opened offices and subsidiaries in North America, Japan, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Vendor Manager Workspace Upgrades in ServiceNow Rome offer improved features for monitoring vendor performance and management. This includes increased visibility into vendor data, improved tracking of vendor incidents, and better collaboration with vendor partners. Frequency of data collection and visualization has also been improved, with the ability to customize data collection schedules and the option to create custom dashboards and visualizations. These improvements allow for better analysis and decision-making when it comes to vendor management.
  • ServiceNow IT Service Management offers a range of features and functionalities for managing IT services, including incident management, change management, and service catalog management. TeamSupport is a ticketing/help desk platform for small companies with features such as customer intelligence, reporting, and analytics. Organizations must determine which features align with their specific needs when evaluating both solutions.

ServiceNow Consulting Vendors

When it comes to choosing the ideal ServiceNow consulting vendor, the process can seem daunting. In this section, we will examine two key players in the market: Deloitte, a leading ServiceNow consulting vendor, and Accenture, a notable competitor. We’ll explore what each vendor brings to the table, and how their offerings compare to one another, helping you make an informed decision in selecting the right ServiceNow consulting vendor for your business needs.

Deloitte: A Leading ServiceNow Consulting Vendor

Deloitte is a leading ServiceNow consulting vendor. They offer a range of solutions to deploy and optimize ServiceNow across multiple industries. Their skilled consultants help clients tackle complex business problems and create tailored solutions.

Deloitte’s process involves four steps: strategy development, implementation, optimization, and support. They assess existing processes and identify areas for improvement. They leverage analytics and automation for efficiency and better performance. Deloitte engages stakeholders to align client goals and business objectives.

Deloitte prioritizes innovation and thought leadership. They invest in research and development. They use AI and machine learning to keep clients ahead of the game. They also train and certify their consultants in ServiceNow technology and related areas.

Deloitte is among the top-tier ServiceNow consulting vendors. Their expertise, solutions, and talent aid clients in achieving success. Whether organizations need to implement or optimize a ServiceNow solution or address complex business challenges, Deloitte is the ideal partner. Comparisons between ServiceNow and Software AG are not appropriate.

ServiceNow vs Software AG: A Comparison

Comparing ServiceNow and Software AG? Both provide IT Service Management solutions – but with different features and capabilities.

ServiceNowSoftware AG
Customizable modules, including ITSMDigital business platform, including ITSM
Reporting, analytics, integrations & workflowsAutomation & optimization of existing processes
Cloud-based architecture with strong securityCloud & on-premises deployment options
Price based on users & modulesPrice varies based on chosen solution

Software AG is more streamlined for ITSM, while ServiceNow offers more customization. Before making a decision, consider your organization’s specific needs.

For example, one multinational company compared ServiceNow vendors. They chose one offering cross-industry experience, a strategy-first approach, the right team, necessary tools, and global service capabilities.

Check out our independent review to decide if ServiceNow is the right fit for you.

Understanding ServiceNow: An Independent Review

As you delve into ServiceNow, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the software and its assorted IT modules. This review will concentrate on the frequently utilized IT modules within ServiceNow. With reference to factual data, we will examine the prominent characteristics of these modules to aid in developing a better comprehension of the technology.

Commonly Used IT Modules in ServiceNow

If you’re seeking ITSM solutions, ServiceNow is a great pick. It offers various IT modules with strong features to streamline IT operations, support, and boost productivity. Let’s explore the common IT modules of ServiceNow.

  • Incident Management: Manages unplanned disruptions and incidents, ensuring timely issue resolution.
  • Change Management: Helps manage changes to infrastructure effectively.
  • Problem Management: Identifying root causes of recurring issues and remediation.
  • CMDB: Records organization’s assets, configuration items, and relationships.
  • Service Catalog: Offers a consumer-like experience for ordering services. Users can browse services from a catalog with self-service capabilities.
  • Knowledge Management: Access to knowledge base articles related to requests, improving first call resolution rates.

ServiceNow also has other solutions to help you achieve business goals. For instance, its HR Service Delivery module automates HR processes to provide efficient employee engagement.

Pro Tip- To maximize ServiceNow software tools, organizations should assess their business needs and select the IT modules best suited to them. So, if you’re looking for a powerful IT management platform, consider ServiceNow and its many solutions.

ServiceNow IT Service Management vs. TeamSupport: A Comparative Analysis

In the realm of IT service management, two distinguished players have emerged: ServiceNow and TeamSupport. This section aims to execute a comparative analysis of these two platforms, closely examining their exclusive features and assessing which one is better suited for your organization’s requirements.

ServiceNow IT Service Management Features

Are you in need of IT management solutions for your business? Check out ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM). This platform offers a one-stop-shop for incidents, problems, changes, and service requests. ServiceNow automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and provides performance data to monitor operational effectiveness.

Plus, the self-service portal allows employees to report issues, make requests, and track progress. Additionally, the platform integrates with Asset Management and CMDB.

In conclusion, ServiceNow’s ITSM is the perfect solution for efficient IT operation management. It quickens service delivery speed through automation, while data visualization tools help monitor performance.

Remember that teams have their own culture. ServiceNow allows users to customize the platform accordingly. Try ITSM and see what it can do for your business!

TeamSupport Features

TeamSupport is customer support software that offers numerous features to make communication between customers and agents easier. The platform has intuitive tools for ticket management, workflow automation, and reporting. Here are some of its features:

  • Ticket Management System: Easy-to-use interface for addressing customer concerns.
  • Automation Tools: Automates ticket routing, autoresponses, and notifications.
  • Collaboration Tools: Internal chat rooms, for swift team communication.
  • Reporting Dashboard: Tracks tickets, customer trends, time to resolve inquiries, and other metrics.
  • Customer Database: Agents can access customer requests within their department or company.

TeamSupport is customizable and has multi-branding capabilities. It is a powerful software for customer service and support.

Vendor Manager Workspace Upgrades in ServiceNow Rome

Vendor Manager Workspace upgrades, introduced in ServiceNow Rome, are designed to enhance the management abilities of ServiceNow vendors who provide consulting services. In this section, we’ll explore two significant upgrades – improved features for monitoring vendor performance and management and increased frequency of data collection and visualization. These upgrades aim to optimize vendor management procedures and improve decision-making capabilities.

Improved Features for Monitoring Vendor Performance and Management

The Vendor Manager Workspace in ServiceNow Rome has improved features! Data collection and visualization are now more frequent. This allows users to track vendors’ history and trends. Plus, filtering options give easy access to data like vendor type and location. And custom metrics based on key performance indicators can be created.

These features let users gain deeper understanding of vendor performance. They can make informed decisions for managing vendors. There’s an automated alert system too. This notifies users when vendors fall behind on SLA commitments. Reports are more precise too. They include timelines, budget tracking and action items.

ServiceNow gets feedback from customers, and updates are based on their recommendations. Businesses can optimize workflows and address compliance issues. Company-A reported that they knew precisely when agreement terms were achieved and initiated. This allowed them to report accurate numbers in real-time meetings. This is crucial for optimizing productivity for vendor relationships globally.

The features for monitoring vendor performance and management, along with the alerts and reporting options, give ServiceNow Rome users unparalleled insight into vendor performance.

Frequency of Data Collection and Visualization Improved

The ServiceNow Rome upgrade brings great improvements to data collection and visualization. Consulting vendors can now monitor and manage vendor performance more efficiently.

Before the upgrade, data collection and visualization were limited to daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. Now, with Rome, vendors get real-time updates every second or minute.

These upgrades require fewer server resources, leading to improved uptime and reliability. This gives vendors more granular insights into performance. This helps them make informed decisions based on up-to-date information and avoid risks.

Selecting a ServiceNow consulting vendor can be tough but with the right strategy, you’ll reap the rewards of these features.

Optimize Your ServiceNow Consulting Vendor Selection

When selecting a ServiceNow consulting vendor, it is important to optimize your selection process. This can be achieved by measuring investments, quantifying value, and ensuring that the vendor has the necessary tools and a strategy-first approach. It is also beneficial to choose a vendor with cross-industry experience and global services, as this can bring a broader perspective and expertise to the table. Let’s explore how you can select the appropriate ServiceNow consulting vendor for your requirements.

Measuring Investments and Quantifying Value

To select the right ServiceNow consulting vendor, it’s key to measure investments and assess their value in terms of performance. Parameters like project success rate, ROI, innovation index, customer satisfaction index (CSI), and net promoter score (NPS) can all be used to make a table for measuring investments and quantifying value.

These metrics help in judging vendor effectiveness in service delivery as well as financial performance, innovative solutions delivery, and customer satisfaction. Also, a strategy-first approach ensures that all investment decisions align with business goals. The right team composition and right tools are important to get great results while providing an efficient service delivery model globally.

Check if vendors have experience in the same or related industries for context-aware solutions suitable for different organizations. Relevant experience, necessary resources, customer-centric solutions development, and global service capability ensure an effective partnership between an organization and its preferred ServiceNow consulting vendor.

Offer Cross-Industry Experience, the Right Team, Necessary Tools, Global Service, and a Strategy-First Approach

When searching for a ServiceNow consulting vendor, it’s essential to ensure they have the essential needs for effective results. These include knowledge across industries, the perfect team, tools, global service, and a strategy-first attitude. Deloitte is an industry leader, providing digital enterprise solutions to clients in many sectors.

The success of any ServiceNow project depends on the skills of the team who implements it. A vendor must have a highly-trained, committed team with experience in the industry to deliver accurate and timely results. Additionally, ServiceNow has complex abilities, and vendors must have the correct tools and resources to build custom solutions with all required functions.

Businesses now work globally, so ServiceNow consulting vendors should be able to deliver services on a worldwide scale, using their international presence and local operations. Vendors should also make sure investments are measured and value is quantified to ensure their clients get maximum returns on investment. By offering knowledge across industries and the right team with necessary tools and global service, vendors can help their clients reach this goal.

ServiceNow ITSM and TeamSupport offer similar features such as incident management, problem management, and a self-service portal. It is vital to find a ServiceNow consulting vendor that meets the key requirements for successful implementation and delivery of ServiceNow solutions.

Five Facts About ServiceNow Consulting Vendor Comparison: Compare ServiceNow Consulting Vendors:

  • ✅ Deloitte offers technology-based transformations with a strategy and business case, and prioritizes measuring investments and quantifying value. They have a track record of on-target implementations, extensive experience with IT and business processes, tools, and technologies, and offer insights into common challenges associated with advisory, implementation, and managed services with ServiceNow. (Source:
  • ✅ ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service provider of enterprise Service Management software, founded in 2003 by Fred Luddy, previous CTO of Peregrine Systems and Remedy Corporation. They specialize in delivering ITSM applications and compete with BMC, Computer Associates, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard. Their key corporate strategy is forms-based workflow application development. (Source:
  • ✅ Software AG is an enterprise software company with over 10,000 enterprise customers in over 70 countries. They are the second largest software vendor in Germany and the seventh largest in Europe. They offer technologies traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol SOW and part of the technology index TecDAX. They were founded in 1969 by a group of six young employees at the consulting firm AIV, launched ADABAS in 1971 as a high-performance transactional database management system, launched Natural, a 4GL application development language, in 1979, and opened offices and subsidiaries in North America, Japan, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and Saudi Arabia. By 1987, they had around 500 employees and 12 subsidiaries in Europe. Listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999 and released Tamino Information Server and Tamino XML Server soon after. (Source:
  • ✅ ServiceNow Rome upgrades include improvements to the Vendor Manager Workspace features, such as the ability to preview, test, and upgrade early with “the new ServiceNow’s n-1 support policy”, the Vendor Manager Workspace application that adds more to monitoring the performance of a company’s vendors and managing all vendor-related information at a single location, the Vendor Score Metrics Model, Success Indicators, Workspace Integration, and Satisfaction Assessments. In Rome release, the frequency of data collection of corresponding indicators is updated daily, and data visualization has improved. Significant enhancements in Rome include Service Credits in case of breach of service agreement during a contract period. (Source:
  • ✅ ServiceNow is a workflow tool that fills a unique need and niche for certain organizations, commonly used for IT. It is not a typical enterprise technology and doesn’t fit into ERP, CRM, HCM, or business intelligence categories. Its key feature is customer and employee-facing technology meant to automate workflows. (Source:

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