ServiceNow Configuration Specialist: Get Expertise in ServiceNow Configuration

Key Takeaways:

  • ServiceNow Configuration Specialists are essential for digital transformation in businesses. They configure ServiceNow applications to meet business requirements and ensure optimal performance and maximum value from the ServiceNow platform.
  • Expertise in ServiceNow Configuration is vital. Specialists need to understand core ServiceNow functionality, including ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, and ITAM, as well as have knowledge of scripting languages like JavaScript and AngularJS and experience with REST APIs and web services.
  • KPMG, Nike, Kyndryl, and Accenture Federal Services are actively hiring ServiceNow Configuration Specialists for their digital transformation initiatives. These roles provide competitive salaries, career advancement opportunities, and professional growth.

Introduction to ServiceNow Configuration Specialist

Searching for a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist? Look no further! They possess special skills and knowledge to customize the ServiceNow platform to fit your company’s exact needs. They understand ServiceNow well, and have experience in Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, and Knowledge Management modules. They also know scripting languages, such as JavaScript and Glide.

Problem-solving, attention to detail, and collaboration with other team members makes them a great addition to any organization. Plus, they apply ITIL practices to deliver services. As ServiceNow evolves, they stay up-to-date with its new functionalities and features. With their expertise and adaptability, a Configuration Specialist ensures your organization’s unique requirements are met quickly. Ready to transform your organization with the help of a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist?

The Importance of Seeking Expertise in ServiceNow Configuration

ServiceNow Configuration Specialists are vital for configuring ServiceNow systems. Their knowledge is necessary to ensure the system runs smoothly. These specialists have an in-depth understanding of the system and can configure user interfaces, design service catalogs, create workflows, and automate processes. With their help, the ServiceNow system can be optimized for maximum efficiency.

When seeking help from ServiceNow Configuration Specialists, they offer unique and customized solutions. They work closely with process owners to define system requirements and ensure effective design and delivery of IT service management solutions. Configuring the system in this way reduces the risk of errors and makes it more efficient.

Plus, ServiceNow Configuration Specialists keep themselves up-to-date on the latest developments and enhancements for the ServiceNow platform. They learn about the newest tools and technologies available to give customers the best solutions. Without their expertise, it’s hard to make full use of the ServiceNow system.

All in all, the need for ServiceNow configuration specialists is undeniable. Their expertise is essential to optimizing the ServiceNow system and achieving operational efficiency. Partnering with them ensures customized solutions and efficient configurations, which reduce the chance of errors. Working with these experts not only guarantees efficient ServiceNow configuration but also ensures the best user experience for customers.

KPMG’s Open Position for a Senior Specialist in Federal Advisory Practice

KPMG is currently seeking a Senior Specialist in Federal Advisory Practice. This opportunity offers the chance to work with a leading advisory firm to help solve some of the most complex challenges faced by clients in various industries. The Senior Specialist will need to possess a master’s degree in accounting or a related field and have at least three years of experience working in public accounting or a related field. The role will involve providing advisory services to clients in the Federal sector, including financial management services, internal controls, and risk management. The Senior Specialist will work with a team of professionals to develop and implement solutions to complex problems faced by clients.

Being a part of KPMG’s dynamic and supportive work culture offers numerous benefits, including opportunities for professional growth, challenging work assignments, and access to cutting-edge technology and training resources. KPMG has consistently been recognized as one of the best places to work by leading organizations, including Forbes and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with a leading advisory firm and make a meaningful impact on clients, consider applying for the Senior Specialist role at KPMG.

Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Senior Specialist

To become a Senior Specialist at KPMG’s Federal Advisory Practice, individuals must meet certain criteria and take on specific duties. Expertise in ServiceNow Configuration and knowledge of web development processes are needed. Creative problem-solving skills and strong analytical thinking are also essential. Plus, excellent communication skills are a must to communicate with clients and co-workers.

The below table shows the qualifications and roles for the Senior Specialist:

Expertise in ServiceNow ConfigurationSolve complex business issues using ServiceNow
Understanding of web development processesCollaborate with clients, stakeholders, and technical staff to create high-quality solutions
Experience working in consulting or technologyImplement ServiceNow workflows, integrations, data stores, user interfaces, forms, and reports
Strong analytical thinking skillsDemonstrate knowledge of IT service management (ITSM) best practices
Impeccable communication skillsAssist clients in achieving their desired outcomes through innovation

KPMG has plenty of growth opportunities such as training programs and mentorship sessions. Working at KPMG means access to expert advice and gaining invaluable experience.

Benefits of Working at KPMG

KPMG is a worldwide professional services firm offering audits, taxes, and advice. Staff at KPMG have access to a range of advantages, such as competitive salaries, bonuses, retirement plans, medical benefits, and insurance coverage. KPMG also provides professional development through training, mentorship, networking, and tuition help.

KPMG believes in work-life balance. They offer flexible hours, telecommuting, and generous leave to help employees manage their work and personal lives. Diversity and inclusion are also important and respected.

Working at KPMG is special. Collaboration is a key element. The company is devoted to corporate social responsibility. Employees are encouraged to help the community.

KPMG offers workers the chance to be involved in projects that affect public policy and shape businesses worldwide. A former employee told an inspiring story about how he developed his skills and progressed in his career at KPMG. He was given the chance to take risks, learn from mistakes, work with colleagues from different backgrounds, and build his network. His positive experience enabled him to secure promotions and take on demanding assignments, eventually leading to his current role as a senior manager in advisory services.

Nike’s Transition to a New Technology Platform and Job Postings Timeline

Nike’s advancing ahead! They’ve upgraded their technical infrastructure and services with a new tech platform. To manage and configure the new system, they need help. Job postings for ServiceNow Configuration Specialists have been made.

Staying current with technology is important for Nike to maintain their place in the digital world. They’re looking for skilled professionals to help run their tech infrastructure. It is a great time to join the team and work with cutting-edge technology. Plus, you’ll gain valuable experience in a booming industry. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformation!

Kyndryl’s ServiceNow Subject Matter Expert Opportunities

Kyndryl, a top enterprise solutions provider, has plenty of openings for ServiceNow pros. These experts have great skills in ServiceNow config and can boost an organization’s performance, plus its customers’.

ServiceNow is essential for enhancing business processes. Kyndryl looks to hire subject matter experts who can assist their clients and make the most of ServiceNow. As a ServiceNow configuration specialist, duties include inventory management, software licensing, workflow design, and service catalog maintenance. This one-of-a-kind chance lets professionals work with an energetic team and offer custom solutions to customers.

To apply for Kyndryl’s ServiceNow subject matter expert job, individuals must be knowledgeable in ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, and HRSD modules. Plus, experts must possess good analytical and communication abilities, as well as troubleshooting and hands-on expertise in connecting ServiceNow with other IT service management tools, databases, and web apps.

To summarize, Kyndryl’s ServiceNow subject matter expert roles offer professionals a way to upgrade their skills and become pros in ServiceNow config. The company values collaboration, innovation, and performance, making it a desirable place to work for anyone in search of a challenging and rewarding career.

Federal ServiceNow Configuration Specialist at Accenture Federal Services

Accenture Federal Services provides specialized ServiceNow configuration expertise to the Federal Government, helping them leverage technologies that drive digital transformation and efficiency. In this section, we will explore the ServiceNow Configuration Specialist role within the Federal Government, with a focus on Accenture Federal Services’ unique experience serving the Federal Government.

Accenture’s Federal Business and Experience serving the Federal Government

Accenture is well-known in the federal space. They have experience helping the government. Their team of consultants are experts in transforming processes and operations with advanced tech. They have job openings for ServiceNow Configuration Specialists to digitally transform agencies. Leveraging ServiceNow’s platform, they can improve workflow, create new processes, and increase efficiency.

Accenture’s approach is consultative. They analyze needs and expectations to provide tailored guidance that aligns with objectives. This gives them insight into operations and helps create effective solutions. Accenture’s federal business and experience with the federal government ensure employees receive training and mentorship from industry pros.

These positions allow individuals to work with different teams in multiple offices. This provides unique skill sets and growth opportunities, both within Accenture and other organizations in this space.

Conclusion: Why ServiceNow Configuration Specialists are Essential for Businesses’ Digital Transformation .

Businesses need ServiceNow Configuration Specialists for digital transformation. These experts have a deep understanding of the ServiceNow platform. They can customize modules like Incident Management, Change Management, and Service Catalog. This’ll help companies provide better services and faster response times.

Configuration Specialists can also help businesses consolidate their data and automate tasks. This leads to improved efficiency and cost savings. They can optimize workflows, integrate applications, and automate processes. This makes employees’ lives easier as they can focus on high-priority tasks.

Five Facts About ServiceNow Configuration Specialist: Get Expertise in ServiceNow Configuration:

  • ✅ Kyndryl is a market leader that values equity, inclusivity, learning, training, career development, flexible working practices, and stellar benefits. (Source:
  • ✅ The SNOW Configuration Analyst at Accenture Federal Services identifies process standardizations, pain points, and recommendations for process improvements. (Source:
  • ✅ The role of ServiceNow Subject Matter Experts (SME) at Kyndryl offers a wide spectrum of opportunities, a chance to work with and support the biggest companies across all industries, learn new, cutting-edge tech in real time, and get paid to upskill. (Source:
  • ✅ Nike, Inc. will not have job postings on their career site from June 9 – July 3 due to transitioning to a new technology platform. (Source:
  • ✅ KPMG Advisory practice is the fastest-growing practice with high client demand. Professionals must be adaptable and thrive in a collaborative, team-driven culture. KPMG prioritizes employee learning and career development with training facilities and market tools. KPMG is seeking a Senior Specialist to join their Federal Advisory practice. Responsibilities include conducting business needs identification, leading business process definition and improvement, maintaining requirements documentation, and serving as a liaison between business owners, end-users, and IT partners. (Source:

FAQs about Servicenow Configuration Specialist: Get Expertise In Servicenow Configuration

What is a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist?

A ServiceNow Configuration Specialist is a technical professional responsible for configuring the scoped application, carrying out unit testing and defect resolution, documenting changes, and identifying process standardizations and pain points for process improvements.

What are the primary job areas for a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist?

The primary job area for a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist is Technical Specialist. They are responsible for business analysis, design, and understanding solutioning capabilities.

What companies are currently hiring ServiceNow Configuration Specialists?

KPMG Advisory, Nike, Kyndryl, and Accenture Federal Services are currently hiring ServiceNow Configuration Specialists.

What are some requirements for becoming a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist?

Requirements for becoming a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist may include professional experience in analysis, an understanding of solutioning capabilities, and knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local laws.

What is the salary range for a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist?

The salary range for a ServiceNow Configuration Specialist varies depending on the company and location. It may be possible to find out more information about the salary range through job postings and career sites.

When will job postings for Nike be available again?

Job postings for Nike will be available again starting July 3rd. The company is currently transitioning to a new technology platform, and job postings on their career site will be unavailable from June 9th to July 3rd.