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Key Takeaway:

  • Stay informed with the latest news and updates from the ServiceNow community by regularly reading the ServiceNow Blog.
  • Discover the newest finalists for The Devvies: ServiceNow’s App of the Year Contest, as well as information on the CreatorCon experience at Knowledge and developments regarding the Automation Center in Utah, including three new features and integration with Flows data.
  • Get expert insights into ServiceNow development and best practices through the ServiceNow Blog’s podcasts, such as Break Point: 2022 Year End Review and Data Governance with Kasthuri Nagappan and Sameer Kumar Pandey – Part 2. These podcasts cover topics such as the increased listenership, changes in podcast hosts, Knowledge 22 content, updates to SNUG and training materials, and plans for future content focused on Utah and Vancouver, new dev MVPs, mentorship at Knowledge 23, and in-person meetups.
  • Learn more about the ServiceNow Developer MVP Content, a community of developers passionate about sharing their knowledge. This includes information on contributions from 2022 Developer MVPs as well as links to their blogs, articles, videos, and more. Applications are still open for 2023 Developer MVPs.

Overview of the ServiceNow Blog

The ServiceNow Blog is a must-read resource for those who wish to keep up with the latest news and developments in ServiceNow. Here, customers, partners, and developers have access to info on industry trends, best practices, and thought leadership topics. It’s a go-to source for all things related to ServiceNow – including product updates, customer success stories, and industry insights. Regularly reading the blog helps to uncover new ways to take advantage of the ServiceNow platform and increase productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

The ServiceNow Blog stands out as it encourages community involvement. Customers, partners, and developers can share their experiences, ideas, and best practices. This encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing, which benefits the ServiceNow ecosystem. Moreover, the blog is updated frequently so readers can stay informed with the most up-to-date news and developments. For those who want to stay ahead in IT service management, the ServiceNow Blog is essential.

Latest news and updates from the ServiceNow community

Get ready to stay updated and inspired with the latest happenings straight from the ServiceNow community. We bring you news from the winners of The Devvies: ServiceNow’s App of the Year Contest, as well as the latest from the CreatorCon Hackathon at Knowledge 2023. In addition, tune in to the Automation Center’s latest podcast to learn about the latest developments in Utah. Keep yourself connected and informed with the ServiceNow Blog.

Finalists for The Devvies: ServiceNow’s App of the Year Contest

The ServiceNow community is buzzing with anticipation! The finalists for the Devvies: ServiceNow’s App of the Year Contest have been revealed. This competitive event spotlights innovative apps that use ServiceNow’s platform to deliver solutions across many industries. The finalists have showcased a special mix of creativity and tech know-how to outshine their rivals in areas such as customer service, security, and employee experience. Notable entries include UiPath Automation Hub Connector and Conversational AI for ServiceNow. These apps make use of ServiceNow’s capabilities to bring value to businesses.

The winners of The Devvies Contest will be announced at the Knowledge 24 conference next year. Developers can gain more knowledge of the ServiceNow platform by exploring various resources. These include podcasts discussing crafting amazing app experiences and establishing successful data governance strategies. Each finalist has an inspirational story worth checking out. Knowing how these game-changers turned their ideas into realities gives valuable insight for succeeding in today’s business world.

Driven by passion or necessity, these developers have fresh perspectives to challenge traditional thinking and push innovation ahead in new directions. Learn more about CreatorCon’s inspiring highlights and knowledge-sharing in this must-listen podcast episode.

CreatorCon experience at Knowledge discussed in podcast

At Knowledge Conference, the ServiceNow podcast discussed the CreatorCon experience. It covered topics like how it offers developers chances to learn and network. The creators found new innovations inspiring as they speed up development time. The podcast highlighted how CreatorCon gives developers hands-on experience with ServiceNow’s tools. It also provides a platform for them to show their skills and compete.

Benefits of attending CreatorCon include networking with peers, exclusive resources, plus informative sessions. At Knowledge23, attendees discussed trends related to CreatorCon. Automation of workflow and feature updates were some common observations.

The podcast provided valuable insights into the advantages of attending CreatorCon for ServiceNow developers. People present and online got knowledgeable roundtable talk takeaways.

Automation Center in Utah introduces new features for developers

The Automation Center in Utah has some amazing news for developers! The ServiceNow blog reveals a new user interface. It’s way more intuitive and user-friendly. This means developers can work faster and increase productivity.

Customizable notifications and alerts are now available. Developers can keep track of projects without needing to constantly check back. It’s especially helpful for those working on multiple projects at once.

The enhanced automation platform offers a smoother workflow experience. This makes rapid deployment, streamlined reporting, and data analysis easier. Developers can now focus more on project development than technical aspects.

Bug fixes and optimization updates are part of the updated platform. Developers can now work confidently, with a stable and reliable platform.

The Automation Center in Utah’s new features are beneficial for workflow and productivity. They show their commitment to helping developers succeed with the right tools.

CreatorCon Hackathon at Knowledge 23

The recent CreatorCon Hackathon at Knowledge 2021 was a hit! Developers from everywhere came together to demonstrate their abilities and build creative applications utilizing ServiceNow’s platform. The Hackathon was an incredible chance for participants to network and learn from industry leaders.

The objective of the event was to inspire inventiveness and problem-solving skills. To do this, participants had to work on real customer scenarios. These were evaluated by professionals from ServiceNow. The competition was tough but rewarding.

At the event, people made impressive applications such as:

  • a loan approval application,
  • an intelligent chatbot for booking tickets, and
  • a tool to measure employee engagement in real-time.

These apps provided solutions to business challenges and showed the power and flexibility of ServiceNow’s platform.

CreatorCon Hackathon is one of the many events that encourage innovation within the ServiceNow community. Aspiring developers can join upcoming conferences and stay up-to-date by reading the ServiceNow blog or listening to podcasts for tips and tricks about ServiceNow development.

In summary, the CreatorCon Hackathon at Knowledge 2021 was a success and showed some extraordinary talents. It was a great opportunity for developers to sharpen their skills, network, and learn from experts. We look forward to future events!

Podcasts on ServiceNow development and best practices

Discover the latest best practices and up-to-date developments in ServiceNow through their informative podcasts. In this section, we’ll explore two fascinating podcasts: Break Point’s 2021 Year End Review and a detailed conversation about Data Governance with Kasthuri Nagappan and Sameer Kumar Pandey – Part 2. Stay ahead of the curve as we highlight key insights and compelling events shared by industry experts.

Break Point: 2022 Year End Review

The Break Point podcast provides developers with an in-depth analysis of ServiceNow’s tech ecosystem for 2022. It covers major events and noteworthy developments. Listeners get to stay up-to-date on the most important changes from the past year.

The focus is on software dev, data governance, and tech practices. It offers an overview of new techniques, best practices, and future trends developers can use for building high-quality applications.

What sets Break Point apart? Its focus on ServiceNow tech and the hosts’ experience. They are experienced professionals. They provide valuable insights on leveraging modern tech and staying competitive.

Tune in regularly for expert advice on cutting-edge software dev practices. Pro tip!

Break Point: Data Governance with Kasthuri Nagappan and Sameer Kumar Pandey – Part 2

The Break Point podcast is a great aid for ServiceNow developers who wish to remain aware of industry norms and fads. This episode, entitled “Data Governance with Kasthuri Nagappan and Sameer Kumar Pandey – Part 2“, gives listeners deep insights into the domain of data governance. Kasthuri and Sameer, both experts in the field, share their intelligence and experience to assist developers in creating strong and efficient data governance solutions for their businesses.

In this episode, which builds upon Part 1 of the series, Kasthuri and Sameer expand on multiple aspects of data governance. They speak about compliance, risk management, data quality, and privacy worries. As the landscape of data management guidelines is always shifting, these factors must be taken into account when constructing a governance model. They also focus on the role that data analytics and AI have in attaining valuable knowledge from huge amounts of enterprise data.

The experts then consider ServiceNow’s Data Governance solution, built to help firms automate their data management operations while adhering to multiple regulatory frameworks. By the conclusion of the episode, listeners will have a better idea of the value of good data governance and how they can apply it to their own firms.

Developer MVP Content Spotlight for December

The Developer MVP Content Spotlight for December showcases excellent contributions from Developer MVPs of 2021, and the application process is now open for ServiceNow Developer MVPs of 2023. Gain an insight into ServiceNow’s remarkable developers’ significant achievements, events, and activities, discover what sets them apart, and get inspired to enhance your own skills!

Highlighting contributions from 2022 Developer MVPs

The ServiceNow blog is thrilled to honor the outstanding skills of its 2022 Developer MVPs. These skilled professionals have been rewarded for their noteworthy contributions to ServiceNow development. From app building and scripting to automation and user experience design, these MVPs have shown their wide knowledge across various aspects of the platform.

These 2022 Developer MVPs have plenty of experience dealing with difficult matters. They quickly come up with creative solutions for customers. Additionally, they share their valuable insights in forums, podcasts, hackathons, and other events. They even take an interest in helping those who are new to ServiceNow development or having technical issues. They teach them the best practices to boost the whole community’s expertise.

The open applications for 2023 ServiceNow Developer MVPs indicate that more proficient people will be recognized for their invaluable contributions next year. With more talented developers in the community continuing to work together and share insights, ServiceNow’s platform is ready to stay ahead of innovation in enterprise software.

Applications open for 2023 ServiceNow Developer MVPs

ServiceNow Blog has news for developers! Applications for 2022 ServiceNow Developer MVPs are open. If you’re a skilled developer that wants to demonstrate their skills and help the ServiceNow community – this is your chance.

MVPs do more than just being skillful – they must be actively involved in the community. This means sharing knowledge, giving solutions, and aiding other developers. MVPs also cooperate with ServiceNow product teams to provide remarks and ideas for advancing the platform.

If you want to become an MVP, you should have a good knowledge of ServiceNow development practices, architecture, and database management. Contributing to the community through blogs, forums, or open-source projects is also great. Remember that the deadline for submitting applications will be announced soon – stay tuned on ServiceNow Blog for upcoming news and updates. Don’t miss your opportunity to become a ServiceNow Developer MVP in 2023!

Five Facts About ServiceNow Blogs: Stay Informed and Inspired:

  • ✅ The Devvies: ServiceNow’s App of the Year Contest finalists have been announced, with a large number of submissions from developers around the world. (Source:
  • ✅ The CreatorCon experience at Knowledge is discussed in a podcast featuring ServiceNow Developer Advocates, providing information on what to expect and how to make the most of it. (Source:
  • ✅ The CreatorCon Hackathon will be held at Knowledge 23, providing an opportunity for developers to test their skills to the limit. (Source:
  • ✅ The Break Point podcast has released an end-of-year review episode discussing their listenership increase, new content, events, and changes coming in 2023, including a new group of dev MVPs and in-person meetups returning. (Source:
  • ✅ The December Developer MVP Content Spotlight highlights contributions from 2022 Developer MVPs and provides links to blogs, articles, videos, and more. Applications are still open for 2023 ServiceNow Developer MVPs. (Source:

FAQs about Read Servicenow Blog: Stay Informed And Inspired

How can you stay updated on the latest ServiceNow updates?

The ServiceNow blog is the perfect source for staying informed and inspired on the latest updates and developments platform. You can also subscribe to the Break Point podcast for in-depth discussions and insights from ServiceNow experts.

How can you stay up to date with the latest Break Point podcast episodes?

You can subscribe to the Break Point podcast on Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcast platform to stay up to date with all the latest episodes. Alternatively, you can visit the ServiceNow developer blog to listen to past episodes and learn about upcoming content.

Where can you connect with other ServiceNow developers and professionals?

LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting with other ServiceNow developers and professionals. You can also join the ServiceNow Developer MVP program to gain access to exclusive content and connect with other passionate developers in the community.

Who is Amit Gujarathi and how can you learn from his contributions?

Amit Gujarathi is a ServiceNow developer MVP who has made significant contributions to the ServiceNow developer community. You can learn from his expertise by reading his blogs, watching his videos, or connecting with him on LinkedIn.

How can you learn about the latest updates in the Utah release?

The ServiceNow blog and Break Point podcast are great sources for learning about the latest updates in the Utah release. You can also explore the Automation Center in Utah to see the new features and integrations available for developers.

How can you continue reading the Break Point podcast transcript?

You can continue reading the Break Point podcast transcript on the ServiceNow developer blog. Each episode has a dedicated post that includes the transcript, links to any resources mentioned, and additional insights from the hosts and guests.