Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial

Key Takeaways:

  • ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that offers a wide range of tools to help businesses manage various types of operations.
  • Using ServiceNow can help streamline processes, boost efficiency, and improve overall productivity for organizations of all sizes.
  • With its intuitive interface and comprehensive tutorials, ServiceNow makes it easy for users to get started and master the platform in a short amount of time.


The ServiceNow tutorial is superb for those wanting to learn the basics of this cloud-based platform. It’s user-friendly and explains service management, process automation, and reporting functionalities. The guide starts by exploring ServiceNow and its features. It then covers various modules, applications, and tools, such as incident management, change management, problem management, and service catalog management. Each module is detailed with practical examples and scenarios. Insights are provided to help users get the best from the platform. Throughout the tutorial, users are invited to follow exercises and examples. They can also make use of the platform’s built-in community features. The ServiceNow tutorial is excellent for beginners or those looking to sharpen their skills.

Understanding ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a platform that has gained massive popularity in recent years due to its powerful features. In this section, we will introduce you to the basics of ServiceNow and what it has to offer. There are two sub-sections that will be explored, “What is ServiceNow?” and “Why use ServiceNow?” to help you understand why this platform is so highly regarded and why so many businesses worldwide rely on it to manage their operations.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an awesome, cloud-based software platform! It’s a revolutionary tool that simplifies IT service management and digital workflow.

What is ServiceNow? It’s an innovative, user-friendly way to tailor business processes to your specific needs.

It comes with a bunch of applications and modules. Plus, it provides helpful tools for incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, and release management. This way, you can quickly identify issues, manage changes, and keep accurate records of CIs.

But wait, there’s more! ServiceNow also expands into HR service delivery, customer service management, security operations, legal operations, and facilities management. These features let you create custom workflows for each department. This means automating day-to-day operations with ease.

Bottom line: ServiceNow is a powerful solution for boosting productivity, innovating, and improving customer satisfaction. So if you’re ready to take your business operations to the next level, ServiceNow is the perfect sidekick!

Why use ServiceNow?

If you’re looking to enhance your organization’s workflow, ServiceNow is the cloud-based software to consider. It offers an all-in-one solution for service delivery, business management, and operations. Automate different IT processes in different departments with ServiceNow. This will lead to faster and more efficient operations.

ServiceNow offers many advantages. Firstly, its automation can minimize time-consuming and repetitive tasks. This reduces operational costs and allows employees to focus on important issues. Secondly, it encourages collaboration via a centrally accessible platform. This ensures streamlined processes across departments. Finally, ServiceNow provides comprehensive reporting capabilities. This gives insights on metrics such as service levels and performance.

Overall, ServiceNow is a robust tool that helps manage processes efficiently. It also increases productivity through automation and collaboration. It offers a unified platform for managing IT services and other business management functionalities. Businesses can execute their tasks in one place. This fosters cross-departmental communication and saves resources.

So, why use ServiceNow? Because it simplifies and automates business processes, encourages collaboration, and provides valuable insights through reporting capacities. Ready to explore ServiceNow’s functionality in-depth? Let’s get into its building blocks.

Basic concepts of ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides digital workflows for creating, managing, and tracking various business processes. This section explores the fundamental principles of ServiceNow, which are essential for comprehending the platform’s capabilities. We will examine ServiceNow applications and modules, which constitute the platform’s foundation and serve as the basis for all other features.

ServiceNow applications

Servicenow apps are must-haves for businesses. These apps cover a wide range of functions like ITSM, HR, CRM, Security Ops, PPM and Financial Management. Each one has different modules designed for various needs.

For example, ITSM has Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management. HR has Employee Application and Onboarding Portals. Security Ops has Vulnerability Response and Incident Response.

Organizations can make the apps fit their needs. They can add or delete fields or configure workflows to fit their business processes. Servicenow apps help companies be efficient while still being unique.

ServiceNow modules

Modules in ServiceNow are key parts of an app. They help with particular tasks and work great together. Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management, and Asset Management are some of the modules. Each has its own function and they can be changed to fit your needs.

For example, the Incident Management module helps you to manage and sort incidents. People’s reports are logged, sorted by priority, and then given to the right teams and people so that the issue can be fixed quickly. ServiceNow modules are versatile. Users can modify them to fit their business processes. Plus, you can choose from pre-built modules and adapt them for your special needs.

In short, ServiceNow modules are indispensable for businesses to work well. If you want to learn more, read this tutorial to find out how to use the platform’s features and capabilities.

ServiceNow tutorial

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT platform that provides services for businesses and individuals. This tutorial provides guidance on how to navigate and use the key functions offered by ServiceNow. The tutorial covers the process of creating an account and managing incidents. It is a powerful platform with many features that can be utilized.

Creating an account on ServiceNow

ServiceNow offers a platform for IT service management. To use it, you need an account. Here’s a five-step guide to make it:

  1. Visit the ServiceNow website and click “Sign Up” or “Get started for free.”
  2. Add in personal info like your name, email, and phone.
  3. Select your company role from a menu. Also specify the department you’re in.
  4. Pick a username and password. This will be your log-in data.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions, then hit “Submit.” A confirmation email will be sent to you to activate the account.

Provide accurate info when signing up. To get full access to ServiceNow’s features, you’ll need to buy a license key.

Navigating the ServiceNow platform

ServiceNow is the ideal way to manage and automate IT operations. To get the most out of the platform, it’s important to know how to use it. Logging in through your web browser using your account credentials gives you easy access to ServiceNow.

Explore its modules: like incident management and knowledge management. With forms and menus, you can do different tasks or manage activities. The interface is user-friendly, so even new users can navigate it.

AI-powered chatbots are a special feature of ServiceNow. They can answer customers’ and employees’ routine queries, giving human agents more time for critical issues.

As ServiceNow is critical to digital transformation efforts, it has changed from a simple ticket system to an all-inclusive platform that increases process efficiency and automates routine tasks. This makes navigating the platform easier and up-to-date with trends, so users can manage their IT operations effectively.

Creating and managing incidents in ServiceNow

ServiceNow: The go-to platform for efficient incident creation and management! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Choose ‘Incident Management’ from the side menu.
  3. Hit ‘Create New’ or search for existing incidents.
  4. Fill in the details such as title, description and priority.
  5. Assign the incident to the responsible team or individual.
  6. Stay informed via notifications and track status changes.

The user-friendly platform, automated workflows and advanced features make ServiceNow the top choice for incident management. This means quicker issue resolution, improved customer service and uninterrupted operations. Get the most out of ServiceNow and create and manage incidents today!


The tutorial on ServiceNow shows it gives a thorough comprehension of the platform. This makes it easy for novices to begin with IT Service Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Service Management, and other features according to factual data. As said before, ServiceNow is a flexible platform that can uphold various business processes. It’s a beneficial investment. The tutorial covers essential features and functionalities in-depth, making it the perfect resource for starters. By following the tutorial’s steps, users can customize the platform to meet their particular business needs.

It’s important to recognize that finishing this tutorial will not make users experts in ServiceNow. Further advanced tutorials and training are necessary to gain a full understanding of the platform’s capabilities. To sum up, the ServiceNow tutorial offers a comprehensive knowledge of the platform’s functions and features, and it’s an ideal place to begin for beginners.

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FAQs about Easy To Follow Servicenow Tutorial

What is an Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial?

An Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial is a step-by-step guide that simplifies the use of the ServiceNow platform, making it easy to understand and follow.

What is the importance of an Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial?

An Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial is essential for new users. It helps them to easily navigate the platform, effectively implement their desired processes, and maximize its potential.

What can you expect from an Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial?

An Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial typically covers all aspects of ServiceNow, explaining key features and functionalities. It usually includes screenshots and detailed instructions to make it easier for users to follow.

Where can I find an Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial?

There are numerous resources available online that provide Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorials. You can find them on the ServiceNow website, YouTube, and other online platforms.

Who should use an Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial?

An Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial is useful for anyone who is new to the platform, including IT professionals, administrators, managers, and users. Anyone who wants to learn how to use ServiceNow effectively can benefit from it.

Can an Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial be used by experienced users?

Yes. Even experienced ServiceNow users can benefit from an Easy to Follow ServiceNow Tutorial. It can help them to learn new features and functionalities, stay updated on new releases, and improve their efficiency on the platform.